I left a rude comment, and it was deleted. Why?
Even though this website is public, a lot of people feel the Internet is a place they can anonymously air their discontents. This blog is meant to be happy and light, a fun way to share our success and failures at trying recipes and/or other things that may peak our interest. We reserve the right to delete any comment that is hurtful, nasty or may otherwise be interpreted in a negative manner. Remember, you kiss your momma with that mouth!

Can I advertise on your site?
Currently we are not accepting advertising on our site. That may change in the future. Please use our contact page if you have any questions.

Can I collaborate or submit a blog post?
Yes you can! However it is subject to final approval by us. Please contact us via our contact page and start a dialogue. We love sharing!

What about product reviews?
We generally don’t do product reviews, however, things happen and we might find something we really like and want to shout about it from the nearest corner, on our soapbox!

Photographs on our site
Please remember, all photographs on our site are protected by copyright to us unless otherwise noted. Please do not use anything without our permission. We take our own photographs, generally with our cell phones.